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How Much Do Star Ratings Really Matter for My MSP Business?

How Much Do Star Ratings Really Matter for My MSP Business?

Do star ratings really make a big difference when it comes to attracting new customers? You may be surprised at how many people make a split-second judgement about a business based on how many stars it has on Google or another site.

Not enough stars, and people may not even read the accompanying reviews. Too many 5-star reviews, and people question the legitimacy of your ratings.

Understanding how your star rating impacts a customer’s buying decision is important to building an effective review management strategy.

5 Ways Improving Your Reputation Lowers Your MSP Business Marketing Costs

Lowers Your MSP5 Ways Improving your Reputation Lowers your MSP Business Marketing Costs

How much is a good reputation worth? It may be more than you think!

Improving your MSP business reputation has many benefits, including building trust, earning more customers, and saving your marketing dollars.

High star ratings and stellar reviews about your customer service can be worth their weight in gold and act as acquisition magnets, lowering your promotional expenses considerably