Two More Google Hacks to Get More Google My Business Reviews

Another Hack #1:
One of the barriers of getting more reviews on your Google My Business page is that Google requires your customer to have a gmail account in order to post a public review. Many will not take the time to create an account just to leave a nice review.

If you collect emails from your customers like you should, then use your favorite marketing tool to segment the list to include only those that have a gmail address, and then send a manual email directing them to your GMB profile page.

Another Hack #2:
Use an automated service, like that includes a workflow in the system that allows you to text message your request. If the customer is using an Android phone, it will automatically detect this and direct the customer to leave their review on Google as the primary choice. Since they are logged in as a Google user, the review process will be more seamless
and the review conversion rate will be much higher!

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Three Reasons Why You Are Not Getting The Reviews Your IT Business Deserves

Are any of the three reasons below holding you back from getting those 5 star reviews your company deserves?


Reason # 1: Lack of Time
Let's face it, all IT business owners lack sufficient time to invest in all the recommended forms of marketing. Yet, look at the effort and time spent using software to automate your business, such as ticketing and other software tools. Once setup, the investment in time & money usually pays off in dividends.

Similarly, getting online reviews can and should be automated. Manually soliciting them is not as effective, and often leads to discouragement due to lack of results.

Reason # 2: No System in Place
You have many systems in place currently to run your business. Without them, your customers and business will suffer greatly.

What is your current system for responding to both positive and negative reviews online? ​

Reason # 3: Hesitant to Ask Every Customer
Ever had a hunch that you didn't perform 100% for a certain customer and you feel hesitant to ask them for feedback?

Asking for feedback no matter what the outcome, is essential information for knowing your business strengths and ways for you to improve. The best way to learn is to ask every customer. 

Investing in Online Reputation Management Software
A good software solution will help you save time (and money) by implementing an automated system for obtaining more positive reviews. A system will help you respond to negative reviews. A dashboard will help you manage and report on all your reviews. And with the popularity of consumer reviews, you will see better local search rankings in Google and an increase in business, which will more than pay for the monthly cost of any software you choose.

Welcome to!

Welcome! is a online reputation management service designed exclusively for IT companies, such as computer repair shops, Managed Services Providers (MSP) , Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), and other computer system integrators.

With the importance of customer reviews growing day by day, it is becoming essential to implement a complete online reputation management marketing system, which is now less complicated and less costly than ever before due to online solutions such as ours.

Since more reviews = more customers, are you ready to implement a solution today?

Thanks for reading!


Ramey Bell