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What are Local Citations & Why Are They Critical to Your Tech Business Site?

What are Local Citations & Why Are They Critical to Your Tech Business Site?

When most people hear the word “citation” they think of a traffic ticket, but local citations are something completely different and completely crucial for good local website rankings for your tech business site.

Local citations don’t always get the attention they deserve and companies that don’t pay attention to them or keep them up to date can suffer when it comes to driving local leads to their business.

Find out what a local citation is and why you want to cultivate them as part of a successful marketing and SEO strategy.

Two More Google Hacks to Get More Google My Business Reviews

Another Hack #1:
One of the barriers of getting more reviews on your Google My Business page is that Google requires your customer to have a gmail account in order to post a public review. Many will not take the time to create an account just to leave a nice review.

If you collect emails from your customers like you should, then use your favorite marketing tool to segment the list to include only those that have a gmail address, and then send a manual email directing them to your GMB profile page.

Another Hack #2:
Use an automated service, like that includes a workflow in the system that allows you to text message your request. If the customer is using an Android phone, it will automatically detect this and direct the customer to leave their review on Google as the primary choice. Since they are logged in as a Google user, the review process will be more seamless
and the review conversion rate will be much higher!

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